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An ex-criminal, Ray, trying to go straight, must escape a series of killers in this fast-paced action thriller set in the Salton Sea


Block Party

Favorite hometown girl and recent Stanford graduate, Keke McQueen plans to stop over and visit her family in Grand Rapids just days before the most important job interview of her life in Boston. 


But when her grandmother’s annual fundraiser, the “Rock The Block” block party is canceled because a financial predator has swindled it’s funding, Keke finally gets her chance to pay back her debt to the community by not only saving the block party, but by making this year’s block party the most exceptionable community event of all time.   

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In Development
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In the last years of the “Age of Pirates,” before slavery was outlawed in the United States, the British Royal Navy’s West African Squadron captured hundreds of slave ships and freed thousands of trafficked slaves. These frigates were the world’s only slave ship hunters.


The most elite of these slave ship hunters is called, “The Black Joke.” The ship is captained by Kadir Obi, an African fisherman and tribal leader who sacrifices everything to rescue his abducted son.


It’s Gladiator on the high seas.

The Black Joke

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Coco is a “Black American Princess” who can’t lighten up and smell the hibiscus.

14 year old “BAP” Coco Duboise strives to be just like her late mom—an over-achieving, career-driven pageant queen—but Coco’s dreams are derailed when she is sent from her fast-paced “queendom” in Detroit to slow- paced Hawaii to live with her hippie aunt and surfer cousin who hate all things superficial.


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