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Inspire hope and foster Human Development through story telling and by Expanding Opportunities.


Branch Out Productions LLC launched with the goal to make Michigan a hub for diverse actors, producers and filmmakers.  Branch Out seeds and develops film and television projects by culturally diverse filmmakers and content creators. It is our goal to tell inclusive four quadrant stories, while advancing the presence and contribution of under-represented groups in the entertainment industry.  


As part of our mission to advance the presence and contribution of under-represented groups in the entertainment industry we embrace the integration of internships, apprenticeships, and career preparedness opportunities.



We execute commitments with high standards and take accountability for failure and dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement.



We hold ourselves accountable for the human, financial and natural resources entrusted to our care. 



We cultivate innovative and honest partnerships with community, industry stakeholders, and investors that create meaning and value.   



We respect and value the characteristics, talents, and perspectives that make each person unique.  We believe that bringing diverse individuals together in an inclusive manner, we can more effectively collaborate, innovate, solve problems and tell better stories.  


We are committed to our moral and ethical convictions and we live our values with honor and truthfulness.  We are faithful to who we say we are. 



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