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Extras & Background Players

We are currently casting individuals in the Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding areas to become Extras and Background Players in our film Block Party
Shooting September 13th - October 8th.  

Click on the button below to register.

*Please, Covid-19 fully vaccinated applicants only

Working as an extra can be a lot of fun!  You have the opportunity to work on a movie or television set, something that thousands of people would LOVE to do.

As with any jobs there are Pros and Cons.

  • Pro:  You get to hang out on a working film or television set.

  • Con:  Extras are the lowest on the totem pole and are often treated like it.


  • Pro:  You get to learn more about the industry you are passionate about.

  • ​Con:  The hours are long.

  • ​Pro:  You get paid while having plenty of time to read, listen to music, and relax.

Click on the button below to read about the Do's and Don't of being an Extra/Background Actor

Light Wood Panel


Recent Harvard graduate, Keke McQueen, is eager to pursue the next stage in her life away from her beloved hometown of Grand Rapids for a lucrative career in Atlanta.


When she discovers that her Grandma is suffering from Dementia, Keke puts her career at stake in order to save not only her grandma, but the neighborhood’s massive block party known as the “Summer Sizzle.”

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