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Band manager Gina Jackson (Parrish),  struggles with losing her lead singer/brother (Dylan) in a fatal car accident on the way to a gig. A decade later, Gina meets a 10-year-old music prodigy named Oak (Ragen), who seems to possess the same qualities as her brother, Vaughn. But her friends become concerned when Gina starts to insist that Oak really is the reincarnation of Vaughn. (Drama)

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An ex-criminal, Ray, trying to go straight, must escape a series of killers in this fast-paced action thriller set in the Salton Sea. (Action Thriller)

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Recent Harvard graduate, Keke McQueen, is eager to pursue the next stage in her life away from her beloved hometown of Grand Rapids for a lucrative career in Atlanta.


When she discovers that her Grandma is suffering from Dementia, Keke puts her career at stake in order to save not only her grandma, but the neighborhood’s massive block party known as the “Summer Sizzle.” (Comedy)


In Development

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In the last years of the “Age of Pirates,” before slavery was outlawed in the United States, the British Royal Navy’s West African Squadron captured hundreds of slave ships and freed thousands of trafficked slaves. These frigates were the world’s only slave ship hunters.


The most elite of these slave ship hunters is called, “The Black Joke.” The ship is captained by Kadir Obi, an African fisherman and tribal leader who sacrifices everything to rescue his abducted son. (Action Thriller)

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World-renowned oceanographer and treasure hunter, Xavier Jordan, will venture forth from the halls of academia in a race to find the most prized relic of the modern era, the Root of Life.

When it’s revealed that this is no ordinary artifact, but rather the key to unlimited power, Xavier will stop at nothing to prevent it from falling into nefarious hands. (Action Thriller)


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When elite mercenaries bring down a military cargo plane seeking an armored TALOS suit, its only survivor, a low-ranking female staff sergeant, must use the suit to stay alive - traversing a war zone with the mercenaries in pursuit. (Action Thriller)

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Army defense specialist Michelle Turner fulfills her lifelong dream to buy the house her Grandpa built 80 years ago in Montana. But when the federal government seizes her land by eminent domain, Michelle refuses to leave her property. Soon, she is forced to use her wits and defense training to fend off wave after waves of attacks from the militarized police, and in the process becomes an unlikely national hero. (Action Thriller)

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Kent Allen, a prolific YA book author of the series “City Kids,” convinces his posse of Dad friends and their tween daughters to sign up for Daddy Daughter camp. Things get complicated when he soon discovers that camping is not the childhood dream he had imagined, and his tween daughter Ludell is not the little girl he had imagined either. (Comedy)


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Coco is a “Black American Princess” who can’t lighten up and smell the hibiscus.

14 year old “BAP” Coco Duboise strives to be just like her late mom—an over-achieving, career-driven pageant queen—but Coco’s dreams are derailed when she is sent from her fast-paced “queendom” in Detroit to slow- paced Hawaii to live with her hippie aunt and surfer cousin who hate all things superficial. (TV Comedy)

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Kelvin Yu is an Asian American dentist and family man who feels trapped by his life of obligation and inauthenticity. But when he gets into a minor car accident, he decides to completely reinvent his life by faking amnesia, which gives him a “do-over” to reset the rules of his relationships starting with his wife Kate Wolski-Yu, his 16-year-old social climbing daughter Nikki, and his scarily smart 7-year-old Winnie. (Comedy)

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Arnie is a mid-20s Native American (federally unenrolled) social worker in Detroit, Michigan who is hired by the American Indian Health and Family Services to build its first urban sweat lodge. Each episode follows Arnie on a new adventure either at home in Detroit with his eccentric boss and the politics of the sweat lodge, or on the road giving talks as he eventually visits every tribal community in Michigan - attending ceremonies, casino meetings, while fighting his own gambling addiction. (Dramedy)

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Curtis & Tasha are a young entrepreneurial couple who are thrilled to be opening their dream business - "Shoe Game" a high-end shoe store - and just in time for the grand reopening of the Mall. But when reopening comes, it's revealed that there’re 20 other shoe stores in the Mall! Literally 30% of the Mall is comprised of shoe stores. Now, Curtis and Tasha's "Shoe Game" must be on point if they're going to survive this retail jungle. (Dramedy)

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