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Blossom Mentorship Program


Our Blossom Mentorship Program (BMP) is designed to provide real world experiences and opportunities for culturally diverse students from underrepresented communities, who are interested in breaking into the content creation field.  The program is designed to complement academics with practical experience in media and entertainment. Through the program, mentees pair with a mentor.  Together they work to develop a learning plan, set goals, and gain real-world experience. This is a great opportunity for students to build an entertainment network and to jumpstart a career. 


A mentee must have a strong interest in creative communications with demonstrated verbal and written communication skills.   We are looking for enthusiastic, professional, and dedicated individuals who are self-motivated team players.  Applicants do not need to be college students nor college graduates.    

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and Qualifications.


  • Develop a learning plan and set goals with Dept. Head.

  • Gain real world experience with Dept. Head

  • Learn to produce and curate engaging content

  • Learn to create Pitch Decks and Log Lines  

  • Maintain social media campaigns  

  • Attend and present at meetings 

  • Perform research and market analysis activities 

  • Support day-to-day administrative functions 

  • Support long-term development projects 


  • Strong creative, technical, administrative or trade skills

  • Strong writing or verbal communication skills 

  • Strong attention to detail and a high level of organization 

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs and Google Apps 

  • Proficiency with online conferencing platforms (Zoom) 

  • Access to reliable internet, computer, webcam, and microphone 

  • Ability to work remotely 

  • Desire to work in an organization with a strong spirit of social justice 

  • Experience with creating content for social media 

  • Positive and Inquisitive attitude

  • Applicants do not need to be college students nor college graduates.

  • Must dedicate at least 15 hours and maintain a regular schedule

  • Looking for fully vaccinated applicants to optimize safety for our crew

  • Must be over 18

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