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Branch Out Productions focuses on productions with budgets between $3,000,000 and $5,000,000.  Film budgets within this range enable us to control the production from beginning to end (creatively and financially) and produces favorable profits with minimal risk.


Branch Out film investment provides an opportunity for Hollywood outsiders to get their foot in the door, and to get a “behind the scene” look at film making and film investment. Most of our investors are savvy experienced investors (stock, real estate, business ownership, etc.) looking to gain familiarity with film investment ROI opportunities, and have a desire to discover what it takes to create a script, produce a film, and distribute a feature.  With this in mind, we are making the process as transparent as possible.


Obviously, no one is going to become a billionaire off of one movie.  However, it is our intention to engage investors who want to start actively participating in film investment and understand the importance of replicating this process film after film in order to generate multiple revenue streams.

If you are interested in finding out more about investment opportunities please contact us.

*Branch Out Productions is repped by Varun Monga of ESA, Chris Cowles of All Day Everyday, and Eric Brooks of Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman.

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